GME Administration : GME Committee

GME Committee

To provide ongoing assesment and improvement of the GMEC’s effectiveness in the oversight of the GME programs and hospital’s support of the GME programs.

Member Title
Richard Parrish, M.D. Chairman
Michael C. Lewis, M.D. Vice Chairman
Shawn Banks, M.D. Program Director, Anesthesiology
Gary Danton, M.D. Program Director, Radiology
Frank Eismont, M.D. Program Director, Orthopaedics
Barry Gelman, M.D. Program Director, Pediatrics
Richard Isaacson, M.D. Program Director, Neurology
Joseph Lucci, M.D. Program Director, OB/GYN
Michael Nares, M.D. Program Director, Pediatric Critical Care
Carol Petito, M.D. Program Director, Pathology
Danny Sleeman, M.D. Program Director, General Surgery
Radu Saveanu, M.D. Program Director, Psychiatry
Stephen Symes, M.D. Program Director, Internal Medicine
Penny Tenzer, M.D. Program Director, Family Medicine
Donald Weed, M.D. Program Director, Otolaryngology

|_. Administration |_. Title | | Michael Butler | Chief Medical Officer | | Angela Burrafato | Associate Chief Medical Officer | | A.J. Furst | VAMC | | Nilda Gonzalez, MHSA| Senior GME Manager | | Marylou Aguero| Associate Administrator, Physician Services |

*The current GMEC members for the UM/JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME are: *

Member Title
Daniel Lichtstein, M.D., DIO Chair
Robert Chait, M.D. Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship (Started July 1, 2016)
Imran Chishti, M.D. PGY 2, Internal Medicine
Roberta Fowler, RN RN, VP Quality and Patient Safety Director, JFK Medical Center
Lisa Giscombe, M.D. PGY 3, Internal Medicine
Kandace Kichler, M.D. PGY 5, General Surgery
Robert Kozol, M.D. Program Director, General Surgery
Jim Leamon CFO, JFK Medical Center
Richard Levene, D.O. Program Director, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Fergie Ramos Tuarez M.D., PGY 1, Internal Medicine
Stephanie Scurci, M.D. PGY 3, General Surgery
Joan St. Onge, M.D. Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Jeri Van Meter, MHA Director of Programs
John Vara, M.D. Associate Chief of Staff for Education and Research, WPBVA
Frederick Williams, M.D. Program Director, Internal Medicine

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