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New Duty Hours Standards implemented by ACGME

For your convenience we have provided a link below to the new ACGME Approved Duty Hour Standards and Specialty Specific Duty Hour Definitions.

Approved 2011 Standards – effective July 1, 2011 »

Dear Program Directors and GME Exec Committee members:

In July 2011, we implemented the new ACGME duty hours requirements. Rigorous institutional monitoring of compliance is expected, and probably also necessary to assure rapid implementation of these new requirements. Thus, the GME office will attempt to address these issues through a new policy, which will rely on new-innovations logging to monitor trainee work hours; the GME office , will help close the loop, by notifying program directors of non-compliance (either trainees not logging or logging too many hours). We are hoping to make this as routinely easy as possible, even though it is another requirement…..

Duty Hours Policy Graduate Medical Education

All ACGME Accredited program trainees are required to report their duty hours via New Innovations. Trainees must report their daily duty hours, including clinical duties, research time, in-house call, call from home/pager call (not called in); time spent in the hospital after having been called in during home call; days off, national conferences, vacation and sick leave time. All duty hours are due by each Friday of the week.

Expected Outcome: 90% compliance by all trainees.
Expectations: 90% compliance with all duty hour rules; (> 95% for 80-HR rule).

Monitoring of Duty Hours by Program Directors:
Program Directors will be required to:
Review duty hour logs;
Resolve violations and justifications submitted by trainees of the 24+4 Rule and the Short Break Rule (according to the ACGME criteria for justification of duty hours);
Trainee non-completion
The program director is responsible for assuring that the trainee completes the logs as required.

If the trainee does not comply three weeks in a row, the PD should:
• counsel the trainee
• note their inadequate performance in the area of “professionalism”;
• consider their removal from clinical service until duty hour logs have been completed, as duty hours are indeterminate.
It is expected that the program will reach 90% compliance for duty hours reporting.

Consequences for non-compliance and non-completion: The Program Director and Coordinator will be notified regarding non-compliance (duty hours violations) or non-completion (trainees not completing duty hours logs). The Program Director should respond with a) acknowledgement; b) explanation or plan if non-compliance repetitive.