Cardiology Fellowship

Program Goals

The goal of the fellowship is to enable our trainees to acquire the knowledge, skills, and behavioral attributes necessary for success as a Cardiologist. By the end of their training, our fellows should demonstrate compassionate, professional, and comprehensive care of patients in all health care settings including the acute care hospital, longitudinal ambulatory settings, and other facilities.

The program provides fellows with a broad knowledge and skills base in Cardiovascular Disease and related specialties pertinent to the practice of general Cardiology. Fellows acquire the talents, understanding, and judgment needed for direct patient care, for consultative care for other health care providers, and for determining the necessity of additional consultative assistance from other health care professionals. In addition to the knowledge base required of general Cardiologists, fellow should acquire expertise in the efficient acquisition and assessment of clinical data and cost-effective therapeutic intervention.

The program nurtures each fellow's personal commitment to professional growth, scholarship, life-long learning, self-reflection, and self-improvement. The program insists on fellow involvement and competency in quality improvement and patient safety.

Prior to the completion of the program, our fellows must be ready for unsupervised practice in the following:

Cardiovascular Consultation Evaluate, diagnose, and develop treatment plans for patients with known, with suspected, or at risk of developing cardiovascular disease
Acute Cardiac Care Manage patients with acute cardiac conditions
Chronic Cardiovascular Disease Management Manage patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases
Cardiovascular Testing Appropriately utilize cardiovascular testing
Disease Prevention and Risk Factor Control Implement disease prevention and risk factor control measures, addressing comorbidities
Team-Based Care Work effectively to promote patient-centered interdisciplinary team-based care
Lifelong Learning Engage in lifelong learning