Internal Medicine

Letter from the Program Director

Who would you trust to care for your family member?

My grandparents moved to South Florida in 1979. During each summer from 1983 through 1991, I travelled by plane from New York to spend several weeks with my grandparents; my very own summer camp. After graduating from college in 1997, I moved to South Florida where I taught seventh grade science for three years. From 2000 through 2009, I lived in New Orleans where I completed my undergraduate and graduate medical education in Internal Medicine, a year as a chief resident, and a year as an Associate Program Director under the direction of Dr. Jeff Wiese at Tulane University in New Orleans. In 2009, I returned to South Florida to join the faculty of the University of Miami which had recently started the first Internal Medicine training program in Palm Beach County (population 1.3 million). My grandfather died peacefully in hospice care at JFK Medical Center (one of the teaching sites for our program) in 2009 and my grandmother died in 2013. I am grateful for our wonderful trainees and faculty who were there to assist me and my family during our time of need. After completing your training at the University of Miami /JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME Consortium Internal Medicine Residency Program, I am certain I will count you among those whom I would trust to care for me or my family member.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training in the specialty of Internal Medicine while allowing each resident the flexibility to tailor the experience to his or her individual career goals. My message to the applicants is simple: Our job is to get you from your point A to your point B, wherever those points may be. The resources and expertise of one of the nation’s premier medical schools are behind this innovative program set in two state-of-the-art health care facilities, the JFK Medical Center and the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.

Expert medical educators are those who are in the process of continually improving their teaching skills. A good teacher makes learning fun. They make abstract, difficult medical concepts amazingly easy to understand, but more importantly, easy to recall later. They prove that one does not need a PowerPoint presentation to impart knowledge, but rather the desire and will to place the learner’s needs above all else. Our faculty are dedicated to your success.

We are very proud of our program and I invite you to take a closer look.

Sincerely yours,

Stuart J. Bagatell, MD FACP
Program Director