Internal Medicine


Morning Report & Noon Conference

Morning Report & Noon ConferenceA daily case-based morning report and didactic noon conferences cover all areas of internal medicine, as well as radiology, nuclear medicine, geriatrics, epidemiology and other areas of special interest to the internist. A two-year planned subspecialty conference schedule forms the core of the medical curriculum.

Other Conferences

  • Cardiology Case Conference (Monthly)
  • Grand Rounds (Weekly)
  • Journal Club (Monthly)
  • Neurology Case Conference (Monthly)
  • Professors Rounds (Weekly)
  • Medical Jeopardy (Monthly)
  • Medicine M&M Conference (Monthly)
  • Sepsis Conference (Monthly)
  • Tumor Board (Monthly)

Medicine Teaching Rounds

Teaching rounds are held daily conducted by our core Medicine Faculty. Rounds offer a variety of learning experiences, including bedside presentations, literature review of selected core clinical issues, guest subspecialty rounds and in-depth topic presentations.

Schwartz Center Rounds

Schwartz Center Rounds is a well established activity in several academic and community hospitals around the country. The goal of this monthly conference is to provide physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, PCAs, case management, and all other team players who interact with patients on a daily basis here at JFK Hospital a formal mechanism to regularly meet with one another to share their thoughts and feelings about what it is like to care for sick and dying patients on a daily basis.