Internal Medicine

Program Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the University of Miami /JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME Consortium Internal Medicine program is to prepare our residents to become the internists of the 21st century. Residents will receive the most innovative and progressive curriculum innovations that will help them acquire the knowledge, skills, and behavioral attributes necessary for their chosen profession. They will learn to become compassionate and professional caregivers in all potential health care settings including the acute care hospital, the ambulatory setting, long term facilities, and even the home arena. Our physicians will be trained both as healers and medical leaders. They will be required to use scientific thought and will receive training in both clinical and outcomes research. They will learn about the efficient and appropriate use of medical resources, a key to the future of medicine in the new millennium. Our graduates will have the skills necessary to pursue careers in any area of internal medicine or continue on to fellowships in the various medical subspecialties.

TrainingOur program will emphasize not only the scientific aspects of medical practice, but also the humanistic ones. Residents will gain those specific skills necessary for effective and caring patient interactions. They will learn the meaning and value of teamwork in the health care setting, and will specifically be incorporated into patient care teams along with other medical and non medical professionals. Residents will be nurtured to bring out their best attributes and will be mentored toward helping them fulfill their maximum potential. They will have the opportunity to expand their commitment towards professional growth, scholarship, life long learning, and self reflection and improvement. They will have the opportunity to practice in widely varied settings and amongst a wide diversity of patient populations, preparing them to specifically meet today’s cultural challenges.

All of our faculties are clinicians committed to excellence in patient care and teaching. Every medical subspecialty is represented and residents will have ample opportunity for one on one interaction. We are truly proud of the program that we call the University of Miami Regional Campus Internal Medicine Residency and we look forward to our future with enthusiasm and excitement.