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Probiotic-Associated Bifidobacterium Septic Prosthetic Joint Arthritis
Bush, Larry; De Almeida, Kleper; Martin, Gregory; Perez, Maria
Infectious Disease – Journal – 7/1/2014 – Link (External website)

AIDS-Associated Cardiac Lymphoma—A Review: Apropos a Case Report.
Bush, Larry; Urrutia, Jose; Rodriguez, Eduardo; Perez, Maria
Infectious Disease – Journal – 1/30/2014 – Link (External website)

Spoke-wheel structures in superficial basal cell carcinoma: A correlation between dermoscopy, histology and reflective confocal microscopy
Braghiroli, Naiara; Stephens A; Oliviero M; Rabinovitz H; Scope A.
Internal Medicine – Journal – 11/30/2013

Training for Error Detection in Simulated Clinical Rounds. In V.L. Patel, D.R. Kaufman, & T. Cohen (Eds.), Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine: Case Studies on Critical Care, Complexity and Errors.
Razzouk, Elie; Cohen, T; Almoosa K; Patel B.
Internal Medicine – Book chapter – 11/30/2013

Ovarian teratoma associated Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor autoimmune encephalitis
Bush, Larry; Silva, Carlos; Perez, Maria
Infectious Disease – Journal – 11/30/2013

Ultrafiltration vs intravenous loop diuretics in patients with acute decompensated heart failure: A meta-analysis of trials
Shah, Sachil; Joseph, Georges; Donath, elie; Rosenstein, Robert
Cardiology – National meeting – 11/16/2013