General Surgery


The General Surgery curriculum is based on topics which change on a monthly basis. The entire curriculum cycle will repeat every two years. In addition to the schedule below, PGY1 residents are required to complete all assigned learning modules from “Fundamentals of Surgery”. The curriculum developed by the Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE) will be used as the “curriculum manager”. SCORE has created a General Surgery Resident Curriculum Portal, to deliver educational content aligned with the curriculum to general surgery programs and residents. This means that articles, book chapters and videos concerning the topic of the month will be assigned via SCORE.

Month 2018-2019 2019-2020
July Anatomy-Physiology-ICU Anatomy-Physiology-ICU
Aug Stomach & Duodenum Hernia
Sept Small Intestine Endocrine
Oct Pancreas Wound Healing, Skin and Melanoma
Nov Vascular II Vascular I
Dec Basic Science Pediatric Surgery
Jan ABSITE Review ABSITE Review
Feb Colon & Anorectum Benign Colon & Anorectum Benign
Mar Gall Bladder & Biliary Tree Breast
Apr Acute Abdomen & Appendix Surgical Infections
May Esophagus Liver Portal HBP & Transplant
Jun Trauma Trauma