Training Verification

Training Verification

In order to provide a uniform process for verifying residency/fellowship training for credentialing purposes, the Sponsoring Institution has adopted a standard Verification of Graduate Medical Education and Training (VGMET) form. The Verification Policy applies to all graduate medical education training programs at the University of Miami/JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME Consortium.

Residency/fellowship training verification forms are processed by the individual programs. Listed below are the University of Miami/JFK Medical Center Palm Beach Regional GME Consortium programs and their direct contact information.

Program Program Contact Fax Number
General Surgery Claudia Miller (561) 548-1743
Internal Medicine (561) 548-1757
Cardiovascular Disease Susan Mayorga (561) 548-1538
Hospice & Palliative Medicine Michele Gonzalez (561) 863-2806

All requests MUST be accompanied by the resident’s signed authorization to release information.

All requests should come directly from the entity requesting the verification, with the exception of state licensing forms.

The Verification of Graduate Medical Education and Training (VGMET) forms are provided free of charge. However, if a hospital or credentialing agency will NOT accept the VGMET and requests completion of their institution specific form the administrative service charge is $75.00, expedited processing is available for an additional $25.00 fee.

  • Payment is accepted in check or money order and should be made payable to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.
  • The forms will not be completed until payment has been received.
  • Residency & Fellowship verifications are charged separately.

Verification fees are waived for the following:

  • Governmental agencies.  These agencies include Veterans Administration Medical Centers, state or local health departments, or for residents entering the military.

State Licensing Boards:

Training verification forms for State Licensing Boards or FCVS will be completed separately from the VGMET form. 

  • Verifications received directly from state licensing boards are exempt from the administrative service charge.
  • Verifications received directly from credentialing agencies are subject to the $75.00 administrative fee.

Additional Details:

Under no circumstances, will training verifications be verbally confirmed over the phone. 

There is a $25 fee to reprocess credentialing forms. Requests for reprocessing must come in within three months of the initial request or the request will be considered new and charged the full $75.00 processing fee.

Peer References: 

As a courtesy, please note that Program Directors will only complete peer references on alumni for up to two years after graduation. Program Director completion of a peer reference is subject to the $75.00 administrative fee. After two years, it is expected that trainees identify other sources to complete their peer references.