Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Word Cloud

The institution formed the GMEC Wellness Subcommittee which meets monthly. The committee includes residents, faculty, and coordinators and hospital administrators. The charge of the committee is to assess the state of wellness within our institution, list the ongoing wellness programs in place currently within each program and within the institution; seek opportunities for collaboration among the programs; and develop new wellness initiatives based on resident, coordinator and faculty feedback. The goals and objectives of GME Wellness Subcommittee are:

  • Enhance institutional efforts to improve physician well-being.
  • Promote physician safety in the working environment.
  • Guarantee time for physicians to attend to medical, mental health and dental appointments.
  • Educate physicians about burnout, mental health disorders, and substance use, and have availability/access to confidential behavioral health resources for counseling and treatment.
  • Provide tools, via wellness surveys or self-questionnaires, to self-screen for signs of distress and to monitor personal physician well-being.
  • Identify and address physician fatigue and sleep deprivation.
  • Ensure adequate sleep facilities and safe transportation options for residents who may be too fatigued to safely return home.
  • Improve flow of communication with physicians regarding institutional efforts on wellness, including appropriate use of social media as a communication tool.
  • Create and coordinate activities, seminars, or workshops to disseminate information related to meditation, nutrition, and other wellness strategies to boost individual physician well-being.
  • Provide confidential systems to ensure physician reporting of any duty hour violations, adverse events, mistreatment, or physician concerns.

Residents and Fellows are invited to voluntarily participate on our GME Wellness Subcommittee. Please contact the GME office for meeting details at 305-585-4310